Ukrainian conference “Practice of monitoring and evaluation” (with the participation of international experts)

On 31 March 2018
Ivana Kudri str., 33, Kyiv, Ukraine

Conference objective:
·         Association of specialists in monitoring and evaluation who are interested and involved in the evaluation with the purpose of understanding and promotion the use of evaluation as a method of management in all spheres of life in the country.

Tasks of the conference:
·         Contribute to the development of national evaluation culture;
·         Promote national and international achievements in the field of monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and projects;
·         Promote the professionalization of evaluation in Ukraine;
·         Stimulate cooperation of state, public and business sector for widening implementation of monitoring and evaluation.

Expected results of the conference:
·         Improving the individual abilities of experts in monitoring and evaluation in Ukraine;
·         Increasing understanding of the successes, challenges and needs of evaluation development in various fields in Ukraine and all over the world;
·         Establishing professional contacts for specialists in the sphere of monitoring and evaluation in Ukraine;
·         Promoting international cooperation for the development of monitoring and evaluation in Ukraine.

Target audience
·         independent evaluation specialists;
·         specialists  from international organizations and foundations;
·         professionals who are implementing evaluation in the public sector;
·         parliamentarians, representatives of authorities;
·         representatives of public organizations;
·         teachers who implement monitoring and evaluation into the curricula of higher educational institutions;
·         students who study monitoring and evaluation in colleges and universities;
·         representatives of programs and projects who carry out (or plan to perform) monitoring and evaluation of its activities.

·         Ukrainian Evaluation Association,
·         The project Alliance for public health “Technical assistance in the field of MiO and effective use of data” (METIDA),
·         V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University
·         State institution “Public health center of Ministry of health of Ukraine”,
·         Central European Academy Training and Certification.

Condition of participation:

For all questions regarding participation in the conference please contact to Larysa Pylgun pylgunlv@gmail.com, +380679934116

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